What are the Differences Between an Atomizer, Clearomizer and Cartomizer?


One of the biggest challenges a new vaper encounters is trying learning what the differences are between an atomizer, cartomizer  and clearomizer. Slang and lingo is tossed around so much in the vaping community that it is sometimes it’s hard wrap your head around it all and build a solid understanding. To help those who are trying to understand these essential components of vaping, we have put together the definitive guide to learning the differences. Let’s discover the the real differences between clearomizers, cartomizers and atomizers!

Most electronic cigarette starter kits come with atomizers. In the past couple of years, electronic cigarette technology has advanced, and cartomizers and clearomizers have become a popular choice for many vapers, because they tend to be less expensive and more convenient to maintain. They don't require cleaning and are generally easy to fill. They also tend to hold more liquid in some cases. There are a lot of differences between cartomizers, clearomizers, and atomizers, and we are finding that many customers are confused when trying to purchase them. This guide will help you understand how they differ and what some of the terminologies mean when trying to read descriptions of these products.

atomizer-design-break-down-sinot-ecigOverview of an Atomizer
Atomizers are one of the original devices. They have a fairly small capacity and are best for people who prefer dripping. There are different design but majority of atomizers have a heating coil on the bottom with metal mesh on top of the coil. Some atomizers utilize silica wick instead of metal mesh.
Break-down of an Atomizer
1.    Assembled Atomizer
2.    Assembled Atomizer in transparent view
3.    Atomizer tank
4.    Metal mesh
5.    Heating coil
6.    Atomizer base with battery thread
Pros of an Atomizer
•    Perfect for dripping, which means that you can switch between different flavors of juices pretty fast
•    Simple design
•    Low cost
•    Easy to refill
Cons of an Atomizer
•    If you vape a lot, you need to continuously refill an atomizer
•    Some models of atomizers are rebuildable but require considerable skill
•    Hard to track amount of e-juice left inside
Overview of a Cartomizer
Cartomizers are similar in design to the atomizer. The big difference is that cartomizers have polyfill wrapped around a heating coil. A polyfill soaks e-juice and allows for longer vape time over atomizer. There are some designs of cartomizers that are housed inside a larger cylindrical tank that holds even larger capacity of e-juice.
Break-down of a Cartomizer
1.    Assembled Cartomizer
2.    Assembled Cartomizer in transparent view
3.    Cartomizer tank
4.    Polyfill material
5.    Heating coil
6.    Cartomizer base with battery thread
Pros of a Cartomizer
•    Hold more e-juice over an atomizer
•    Low cost
•    Easy to refill
•    Fairly easy to rebuild
Cons of an Cartomizer
•    Might not be suitable for heavy vaping.
•    Some people people claim that polyfill material dulls the e-juice flavor
•    May retain flavor from previous e-juice

clearomizer-design-break-down-sinot-ecigOverview of a Clearomizer
Clearmizers are one of the newest and most popular devices on the market. These type of devices are usually cylindrical and feature a clear polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank. A clear tank allows you to see the level of e-juice inside of a clearomizer. E-juice is delivered to the heating coil by ways of a silica wick. Some designs feature top heating coil with longer wicks, others have bottom placed heating coil with short wicks which allows for easier wick saturation. Be sure to check out our full line of clearmizers.
Break-down of a Clearomizer
1.    Assembled Clearomizer
2.    Drip tip
3.    Clearomizer tank
4.    Wick
5.    Clearomizer base with battery thread
6.    Heating coil
Pros of a Clearomizer
•    Large capacity for e-juice, typically around 1.6 – 3ml
•    Clear tank allows you to see exact amount of e-juice left inside of the clearomizer
•    Some models are rebuildable, and come with replaceable coil
•    Longer life-cycle
•    Some people people claim that clearmizers with wick system offer superior flavor delivery
Cons of an Clearomizer
•    Usually more expensive than atomizers or cartomizers
•    May retain flavor from previous e-juice
•    May leak depending on manufacturer and model
•    Top coil design may require you to tip clearomizer to absorb left over e-juice




This guide has included pictures of some of the clearomizers offered by SinoTecig. We have a large selection of clearomizers stocked. You need to check the description to know whether they work with 510 batteries or the eCab battery (without an adapter), but all of them will work with Ego style batteries. If you are unsure which one to purchase, you can always call us, email us, or stop by the store for advice.

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