EGO-CE4 Blister

New products blister package ego ce4 blister kit


1.eGo CE4 atomizer packed in blister pack,easy to carry with 

2.Simple blister pack save much on shipping

3.Never exist the problem of connection

4.Clearomizer tank system, easy refill

5.New unique atomizer,capacity volume can be read out Packing.


1pcsx Rechargeable battery

1pcsx CE4 clearomizer

1pcsx USB cable charger


Model EGO-CE4 blister
Length of the electronic cigarette 130mm
Diameter of the electronic cigarette 14mm
Cartomizer capaciy 800-1000puffs   
Battery Capacity 650mAh/900mAh/1100mAh 
Normal working voltage 3.7v-4.2v
Charging time 2.5-3hours
Certificate CE, RoHS, 
Battery Life 300 times charging
E cigarette color Vwhite, black, red, cigar etc 
Flavor More than 300kinds


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