The eGo-C Twist has a dial located at the base of the battery. This dial allows you to set the voltage output of the battery from 3.2V~4.8V in increments of 0.2V. Simply turn the dial to your desired vaping voltage. It features an easy to read numbered dial.

The eGo Twist battery with 510/eGo threads, it’s compatible with most of the clearomizer in the market, like CE4, CE5, CE6, DCT, Vivi nova, MT3, T3, Protank II, GS H2, Ithaka.

Name eGo Twist Battery
Battery cell HGB A Grade Cells
Available capacity 650mAh/900mAh/1100mAh
Length x Diameter 100.3mm x 14mm/110.3mm x 14mm/118.3mm x 14mm
Weight 40g/45g/55g
Fully charged puffs 600-650puffs/800-850puffs/1000-1050puffs
Recommended charging time 3 hours/4 hours/5 hours
Screw Thread: eGo/510 thread
Nornal Working Voltage 3.2v-4.8v
Battery life 300 times
Color Red, black, green, blue, purple, pink, white, yellow, stainless steel
Warranty 6 Months
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